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Shedding the pounds (Blog Post)

Our mind does some fascinating things. And often very strange ones (well, I’m speaking for myself here in the hope there’s some consensus). The way I rationalise many things to myself is by a general law of averages. Aka, if I am on holiday and had two great meals, but one was a rip-off, and…
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Don't tell me that I can't (Poem)

Tell me it’s improbable, Pummel me with statistics of chance, Convince me that my ways are illogical, That these dreams are but a farce, But don’t tell me, that I can’t.   Preach what no ones previously accomplished, Wished, but never carved the stone, Take me as a fool rather than accomplice, And dictate that…
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Under her feet (Poem)

Precious her name, Merger of strength and compassion, Few other souls can claim, Magnanimity of such length, and action.   Shadows over and protects, Everything in sacrifice, Commits and never forgets, Covets over acts of vice.   Nine months; hosted and homed, For a lifetime of ever presence, The greatest mercy humanity shows, Honourable teacher of…
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