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Before the mic drops (Short Story)

Seated solemnly backstage. Recollections of what brought him to this position in the first place. Life was a testing timeline for him – mired by deaths of few he loved, abuse by many he hated, and a heart hardened from diminishing trust. He remembered how existing was once a chore in itself – a daily…
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The Autobiography of Malcolm X (Recommended Reads)

The Autobiography of Malcolm X by Malcolm X My rating: 5 of 5 stars I don’t think an autobiography, or for that matter most books concerning iconic historical figures, are on the same level as this. It is definitely among those that should fit in a collection entitled ‘Books that changed my life’ or ‘Essential…
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Glamour (Short Story)

Her stage name personified her reputation – ‘Glamour’. Heralded now by millions, she was idolised by young and old, male and female. An actress that rose to superstar status, now seated in a first class carriage on her way to an awards ceremony, peering outside the glass window as a more ordinary world passed by…
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This poem is all I have (Poem)

Right now… This poem… Is all I have. Times forgotten connections burned blinding evidence nothing learned. So right now… This poem… Is all I have. Tears of hysteria washed off reason fingers are flames and tempers; forests. Tensions mounting amounting to nothing. Frustrations bubbling foaming within. With little comfort… This poem… Is all I have.…
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Life beyond existence (Poem)

I cannot envision such a superfluous existence. Neither can my mission enlist illusionist, tactician, hustler or magician.   Superseding sweetness of simplicity, Battle for true love with sincerity, Honourable honesty with dexterity, Struggling self for serenity.   This world may be our oyster yet these pupils hunt for galaxies, trespassing not in this visit, beseeching…
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Seized in slumber (Poem)

No longer can I feign In the pain of this routine; Important matters matter not When the priority is to entertain.   When will we seize the slumber? Guard injustices at our door? When will breezes bleed from thunder? As whims whisper evermore.   Yet smiles to all outsiders, For such expressions are of charity,…
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