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A treadmill called life (Poem)

They asked you why You’d run for hours on the treadmill You said you still dread falling dead still And so you run to escape the fear They said ‘You can’t run from your corpse’ But you told them “At least I can run from my thoughts” As every day the race to escape From…
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Active passivists and passive activists (Blog post)

Most of this blog site is dedicated to poetry. One such reason is self-explanatory –  it’s an enjoyment of mine, a subjective writing where the subject matter is often less subject to criticism in its expression: creative writing can perhaps get away with more because it is perceived and can metaphorically pass as more subliminal,…
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What could otherwise be (Poem)

Now monuments, once moments of euphoric majesty, Momentum gained, and we lost much in its speed, Prosperity of progenies, and potential prodigies, Whisked away, from fruitful forests to tumbleweeds.   I have written of regrets and how they mustn’t erode us, Yet my pen testifies to a hypocrite’s mind – plagued. I’d throw the ring…
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Poisonous Nostalgia (Poem)

That familiar lane termed memory, On knees pleading for genesis to return, Voicing whispers through nectars of melody, Rhythms pumped into cardiac burns. Experience perseveres questioning what-ifs, Scenarios resurrecting times gone, Ropes of hearts are difficult in cutting, Firmly holding whatever it deems to belong. The insecurities yell at my direction, How faces that once…
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