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It's about time (Spoken Word Video)

Latest spoken word poem about time. Ironically, a lot of time was wasted in making this. One day, hopefully, I’ll get a professional video done. One day

Shedding the pounds (Blog Post)

Our mind does some fascinating things. And often very strange ones (well, I’m speaking for myself here in the hope there’s some consensus). The way I rationalise many things to myself is by a general law of averages. Aka, if I am on holiday and had two great meals, but one was a rip-off, and…
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Career Advisor (Short Story)

She sat in his office, young and enthused, as he asked her, whether she had any idea what she wanted to be. “I want to be a healer” she responded far from despondent with eyes that lit up as though she had VIP access to her future. The tutor looked back with his file on…
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Until the time comes (Poem)

I don’t have the time… to attend all the I do’s, to make amends with fake friends; to visit in spirals, to stop by for elderly relatives; albeit they may be lonely, to strive for hospitality; a welcoming abode homely.   I have not the time to… offer help to a neighbour, to volunteer and…
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Old with a new name. (Poem)

New year, new ways, New look, new shave, New book, from a new page, New clothes, to a new place New ventures, new mates, New dentures, new face, Yet new now, feels the same New is old, with a new name Seconds form minutes, Hours form days, Days grow to years, So no seconds to…
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Poisonous Nostalgia (Poem)

That familiar lane termed memory, On knees pleading for genesis to return, Voicing whispers through nectars of melody, Rhythms pumped into cardiac burns. Experience perseveres questioning what-ifs, Scenarios resurrecting times gone, Ropes of hearts are difficult in cutting, Firmly holding whatever it deems to belong. The insecurities yell at my direction, How faces that once…
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Cultivated from seeds. (Poem)

Memories of games played in sands, Joyful liberation of youth defined, Cupping scoops within each hand, Grains flow briskly with time. Potential speaks of a life to come, Possibilities of untrodden paths yet to be, Future currencies evolve from the young, Their eyes encapsulate greater periphery. Dreams illuminated from lit faces, Blown candles carry wishful…
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Hourglass (Poem)

If you knew you had 24 hours left, before it was your time to go Final moments to address, time previously unkept – Then how would you let it show?   24 hours left to reflect on regrets, or bask in the ambience of achievements, Departure of an existence transient in meaning, the final farewells…
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