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Practice what you preach (Poem)

It seems for many of us we are enslaved to engaging in debates reflecting on our helpless case as we negate and abrogate.   Though most the time its hard to say whose are who’s views, glued to news frames that are framed around tricks, and fabricate to induce manic, and panicked states   Yet rather…
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The forsaken family (Poem)

Insubstantial my state, in this desolate land, I come to you, O strangers; my hope at your hands, Has anybody seen where reside my siblings? We were of one, now all have gone missing. Our family was large; our hearts’ were united, We grew to depart, and so too frictions ignited, I seek for my…
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Living embodiment (Poem)

Cut off my right arm, mutilate my left, Sever the abdomen, chop off the legs, Decapitate my fingers, dissect the chest, Gauge out the eyes, and rip off the neck. Does it disturb you? Brutality and theft? Imagery hurts you, the splitting to sects, We are one people, deserving no less, Blood has been shed,…
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