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What’s Anonymuss all about?

I couldn’t possibly tell you. Because it changes. Yet at its core it is a battle between ego and sincerity, between a nobody and a somebody, between simplicity and complexity. Between anonymity, and a strive for leaving some sort of recognisable imprint.

But it’s not that deep. Just a website I randomly upload to according to my interest at the time. Writings, spoken word, blog posts and whatever else. Hopefully you’ll be bored enough to stick around, but not bored enough to troll me.

6 thoughts on “What’s Anonymuss all about?

  1. HI Meta, (I’m sorry i don’t know your name, but i cant seem to find it!) ! Im writing to you regarding a project im doing for my masters at university, it is a non profit project helping raise the awareness of global political issues such as war, poverty, global warming and discrimination. Im a musician, and i’m wanting to use parts of poems and spoken word performances to create the lyrics for the songs. All of which would go on a website where all refferences to the authors of poems would be highly aknowlged, and links to any performances that have been performed by the authors can also be placed there so viewers may watch and see where the lyrics originated from.

    Currently Im wanting to use some of your lyrics, from your spoken word piece My Nority as i think its very moving. I just need your permission so i could place it on my website via soundcloud. I DO NOT intend to sell any of the material that consists of other authors work, i repsect copyright. This project is on going, and i hope to expand it over the next year. Currently i am also corresponding with Suheir Hammad a famous poet from New York, and Fred Taban a theology professor from south Sudan. I would love to get your permission to add the song to my website when its up an running within the next month.

    If you wish to contact me via email, my address is:

    Alternatively you can find me on facebook at:

    Kind Regards,

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