Idol Talk (Poem)

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Idol Talk (Poem)

I once loved a sports player,

Peak attributes and physique,

Yet awe turned to critique,

As I learned of his cheats.

So I lost faith in sport.


I once admired a musician,

Her words – harmonious melody,

Yet once listening at an audition…

Vocals… but a pre-recorded felony.

So I lost faith in music.


I once idolised a preacher,

Sermons of virtue and trust when

Truths emerged of inner creatures

Hypocrisy and corruption.

So I lost faith in religion.


The stones I once encased my idols in,

The same ones I now cast on them,

The faith and trust I confided in,

An error – placing my heart in them.


Humans are prone to mistakes,

No matter their status or hobby,

Yet faith should not be lost in its way,

Because of people we’ve embodied.




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