The Blink That Killed The Eye (Recommended Reads)

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The Blink That Killed The Eye (Recommended Reads)

The Blink That Killed the EyeThe Blink That Killed the Eye by Anthony Anaxagorou
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

From the title, this short story collection draws intrigue. As with some other reviews, this book is definitely more along the 4.5 than 4 rating.

Anthony Anaxagorou has an awe-worthy grasp on words. He often strings them together effortlessly with storytelling that paints vivid pictures and deep descriptions that stretch the imagination. In events that may otherwise seem trivial, his method of breaking down each characters story, their thoughts, the significance of even the smaller things does make this captivating. Though at times I find the loosely linked connections between the short stories can be confusing, it is an added layer of depth to the fascinating elements of his writing style.

If you appreciate short stories, this is definitely a recommended read.

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