The Elements of Eloquence: How to Turn the Perfect English PhraseThe Elements of Eloquence: How to Turn the Perfect English Phrase by Mark Forsyth
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Now, this book may not be for all. I write as a self-proclaimed failed writer.. this book surprised me and my ignorant, conceited, counterfeit pen.

Thank God I am well beyond the years of being assessed on the English language. I read it anxiously – another term I had long forgotten, another technique my eyes overlooked in various texts. More importantly, the realisation that while many pieces may sound good that we write almost accidentally – we unknowingly neglect the formula that makes them resonate so well.

On starting, I thought to myself this would just be another book that I would only get so far into before leaving it in the dreaded ‘will probably never finish’ pile. Yet somehow, it avoided its anticipated fate – for that alone, his work is encouraging. Encouraging me to re-visit the very framework and techniques of bringing life to literary imaginations.
It must be good because it managed to override my stubborn, concentration-dodging procrastination for long enough to consider delving further into this for future reference.

What was particularly striking is the structure, the examples, and how he himself has written this in an engaging, amusing and very cleverly thought out manner. Evidently he is a man who has done his research. As he put brilliantly in his own words:
‘It is as though we had decided to forget about structural engineering, and instead build our buildings by chance’

If you like language, if you like learning, if you like to write or if you like to read….this is definitely a book worth its time.

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